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Regular office cleaning 


Vacuuming throughout

Floor washed

Toilets, bathrooms, all sinks - sanitised and washed

All benches, tables, funiture and surfaces - wiped

Mirrors and glossy surfaces - cleaned

Microwave cleaned inside and outside

Kitchen - cleaned, benches - wiped

Windowsills - wiped

Bins emptied

Regular house cleaning 


Vacuuming throught *

Floor washed

Toilets, bathrooms, bathtubs and sinks - sanitised and washed

All benches, furniture and surfaces - wiped

Mirrors - cleaned

Kitchen - stove top cleaned, microwave - cleaned inside and outside, benches, cupboards fronts - cleaned and wiped

Sink - sanitised and cleaned

Laundry sink - cleaned

Skirting boards, windowsills, general furniture - dusted

Bins - emptied.

* Please note that we don't move heavy items and furniture (for example, if you require cleaning under sofa - please move it in advance)

* Regular house cleaning does not include dishwashing, making beds, collecting clothes or toys from the floor

End of lease cleaning

We are experts in the vacate, end of lease, one-off, move in, move out, spring, inspection and bond cleaning!


Vacuuming throughout

Floors washed

Kitchen - stove top - cleaned, oven - cleaned inside and outside, sink - cleaned, cleaned outside and inside, benches - cleaned and wiped

Bathrooms, bathtubs, toilets - sanitised and cleaned

Door frames - wiped

Wall marks - removed*

Exhaust fans and airducts - cleaned

Cobwebs - removed

Light switches and power points - wiped

Froont door - cleaned

Front entry - swept

* if you have lots of marks on the walls - additional charges may apply

** if you need oven, grill, rangehood, windows, tracks, frames, flyscreens or blinds cleaning - additional charges apply                                

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